FULL disclosure: Irish bloggers now have to tell when they’re being paid

Blogging has really taken off in the past number of years, and it's safe to say that most people either know a blogger personally or are a blogger themselves. 

But, in new guidelines released by The Advertising Standards Authority in Ireland, blogging is about to drastically change.

The ASAI revealed today that they are cracking down on bloggers all over the country, with no online personality being able to talk about a product or service without letting their fans know they are getting paid to do it. 

The same rules were introduced in the UK two years ago after numerous complaints were made about full disclosure.

ASAI's chief executive, Orla Twomey told the Sunday Business Post that since bloggers are in the media, they have to follow the rules like everyone else does.

"The ASAI code requires advertisers not to mislead consumers, not to offend them, make sure advertising is truthful and that consumers know when they’re receiving marketing material," she said.

"As digital and online develop, new people come into those industries that do not have a background in traditional media and the understanding that codes apply. It’s not that we are reinventing the rules, because the rules apply to all media".

So, now if a blogger – of any kind – has worked with a brand, they need to outline it clearly on the blog post or vlog. 

They will also be asked to include hashtags on social media posts, like #ad or #sponsored to let people know money has been exchanged. 

The new standards are going to be coming into effect as soon as March 2016.