Frank and Honest aim to plant 3,000 native trees by Christmas


Frank and Honest Gourmet Coffee Company is delighted to announce its mission to plant 3,000 native trees in Ireland by Christmas. Frank and Honest have teamed up with hometree to plant the native trees in Moy Hill Farm in Co. Clare. 

Together with hometree, their commitment is that the native trees being planted will not be cut down or sold for the duration of the tree’s lifetime.


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To join Frank and Honest on its mission and help them to achieve this goal, it’s very simple… You buy a reusable cup, They plant trees.

This marks the next step in Frank and Honest’s sustainable journey. It was the first national coffee brand to move to 100 percent compostable takeaway coffee cups in 2018. This Christmas, they want to encourage the purchasing of reusable coffee cups.

Not only will customers get 20 cent off their coffee every time they bring their own cup, but now Frank and Honest is also pledging to purchase and plant native trees.

It’s more important than ever that we take care of the environment and making small daily changes is the easiest way to make a positive impact. With this in mind, the purchase of reusable cups encourages the move to our sustainable future and is in line with the brand’s overall mission. Join Frank and Honest and be part of giving the gift of native trees this Christmas.


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Hometree’s commitment is to plant trees that are to be enjoyed by all, humans and animals alike. Their motto is simple, #moretreesplease. The land is managed by Moy Hill CSA farm and their promise is that the trees will not be sold or cleared. The native trees that are planted by hometree are Alder, Rowan, Willow, Birch, Oak, and Scots Pine.