Four surprising things that cause bad breath

There’s nothing worse than being told to pop a mint in your mouth, when you go to give your other half a smooch. So avoid the embarrassment and make yourself aware of the possible scenarios in which your breath may be a bit on the smelly side.

When you have a cold
When your nose is blocked, you end up breathing in and out through your mouth more often. This dries out your mouth and reduces the saliva which is a natural cleanser and neutralises decay causing acids.

Too many sweets
You might find yourself with bad breath if you’ve been scoffing sweets. Bacteria has a sweet tooth and loves it when you indulge in that bag of jellies at the cinema. Make sure to brush your teeth properly afterwards!

This is a strange one, but many mouthwashes have too much alcohol that end up drying out your mouth once the minty taste wears off. Opt for a brand with less alcohol in future.

High protein diet
When your body has to metabolise a lot of protein, it excretes ammonia through your breath, and it doesn’t smell nice.