Four killed after plane crashes into Lidl supermarket in Portugal today


Portuguese president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has rushed to Tires, an area approximately 20 miles west of Lisbon, after a light aircraft crashed into a Lidl supermarket shortly after midday today.

According to emerging reports, the plane, which is believed to have been carrying four passengers including the pilot, exploded mid-air before coming down on top of a lorry which was unloading produce in the carpark of the supermarket.

It is understood that a house and a number of other vehicles caught fire in the aftermath of the aircraft's sudden descent in the area close to the wealthy coastal town of Cascais.

Reports from the scene state that the aircraft left Geneva three days ago and stopped in Marseille before ultimately making its way to Tires.

50 firefighters are currently at the scene in addition to emergency service workers.

All four people on board the plane have been killed.