Former Sugababe slams Cheryl!


Another day, another dig at Cheryl Versini Fernandez.

This time it’s former Sugababe Amelle Berrabah who’s decided to make her feelings for the former Girls Aloud star known and has splashed it all over Twitter.

Without naming any names, Amelle, in a Twitter conversation with Simon Cowell, implied that X Factor judge Cheryl wasn’t able to sing and shouldn’t be in a position to judge others.

Tweeting at Simon, the 30-year-old Sugababe said: “Still hiring peeps who can’t sing to judge others singing.” If she’d left it at that, we might be unsure which judge she’s referring to, but she then goes on to say: "Nicole was great and could sing but she’s gone now” and then declared her love for former Spice Girl, Mel B.

This really only leaves Cheryl in the firing line, right? The Geordie girl has faced a lot of criticism in recent weeks for miming during her X Factor performance, but scoring her fifth UK number one with ‘I Don’t Care’ makes the newly-wed an official record breaker which we’re sure softens the blow a bit.