Follow our guide to stop nasty clogged pores!

We have pores all over our bodies – they are simply hair follicle glands. They look after us by excreting salt and sweat, and keeping our skin moisturised. But sometimes these glands can get clogged, most commonly on the face.

A build-up of oil, dirt, dead skin or sweat can lead to spots, blackheads and enlarging of pores. Not nice! 

Here are our top tips for ensuring your pores stay unclogged and your skin is blemish-free…

1. Always take off make-up
After a night out the temptation to leave make-up on is strong. Resist the urge! A gentle cream cleanser will remove foundation, mascara and other make-up that can sink into our delicate facial skin. Wearing a primer under make-up also creates a base layer to give skin better protection from heavy make-up and airborne dust.

2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse
Even if you're not wearing make-up, it's important to cleanse to remove oil, sweat and dirt that settles on your skin throughout the day. A liquid or gel cleanser will gently remove build-up on the skin, lowering your chances of clogged pores. Yay!

3. Scrub it off
Exfoliating even twice a week will go a long way toward keeping your skin in great condition. A mild scrub helps to gently open pores and remove any trapped particles. It will also get rid of the top layer of dead skin that can clog pores over time.

4. Keep it natural
Skincare products that are laced with chemicals can cause irritation to your skin, meaning it'll produce even more oil than usual. If you have sensitive skin look for hypoallergenic or organic products that will be kind and gentle!

5. Stay clean
It might seem obvious, but eating oily or greasy food isn't just bad for us on the inside. Oily residue can linger on our hands and face, and will eventually be absorbed by the skin. So be sure to clean your hands and mouth after eating that plate of cheesy chips! Giving your phone a wipe with an antibacterial cloth every day, and changing your pillowcase regularly will also reduce your skin's exposure to oil, dirt and bacteria.