Foam rolling rules

Before you get that foam roller out, make sure you are ready and know how to use it, as it can hurt.

Before and after workout
Use your roller before you start your workout and after. It is great to help recovery but it is also petty useful for warming up and stretching your muscles. It increases circulation so your muscles are getting more oxygen than if you just stretched.

Slow down
Yes, it can hurt so slow down. Rushing through won’t be of any benefit and it will still be sore. Make sure you focus in on areas where rolling hurts the most as your body needs it more here.

Don’t go one way
Make sure you use the roller to go in all directions and not just up and down. Extend and flex the joint as you use the roller.

Do it everyday
We know it hurts but you should do it every day. Think of it as brushing your teeth, you wouldn’t clean your teeth one day and not the next.