Five ways to refresh your relationship

Sometimes, we can get lazy with our relationships. Life gets busy, and we don’t always have a lot of time to spend with our other half, which means that the romance can get put on the back burner. If you’ve been finding yourself in a bit of a relationship rut lately, here are five ways to relight that fire!

Go on a date
If you live with your boyfriend, it’s easy to opt for cosy nights in rather than going to the bother of getting dressed up to go out. However, going out on a date, even just a simple trip to the cinema, will remind you of the early days in your relationship. It’s also good as the night is clearly labelled as a date, so that you both know you’re meant to be spending time as a couple, rather than just happening to be watching TV in the same room.

Spend more time between the sheets
Having more sex is a great way to put some life back into your relationship. When we orgasm the levels of oxytocin and dopamine levels in the brain increase, and this helps to solidify emotional bonds, lessen anger and increase feelings of contentment – all things that will improve your relationship! It’s also fun – let’s not forget that!

Hug each other more often
You don’t have to get it on to create intimacy between you and your beau. A simple hug will do the trick as it makes you feel emotionally connected to each other. Your body also produces the love hormone oxytocin when you get a hug or a cuddle, so keep ‘em coming!

Do something together
It’s good to have stuff in your life that doesn’t involve your other half, but it’s also good to have a common interest. Try signing up for a class or sport together. It’ll give you something new to talk about, and will mean you’ll be spending more time together too!

Do something unexpected
Whether you go out and buy him an expensive present, or simply bring him up a cup of tea in bed, those little unexpected gestures mean a lot. They show you’ve been thinking of him, and that you really care. What more could he ask for?