Five surprising uses for your humble dry shampoo!


Dry shampoo can be an absolute life-saver when you've no time to wash and dry your hair – but did you know it's a great styling aid too?

Here are some of the best secret uses for our favourite wonder product!

1. Tames your brows
Dry shampoo keeps brow hairs in place without leaving a sticky or clumped-together look. Spray a little bit on your finger and wipe it along your brows to ensure they stay sleek!

2. Boosts volume
A spray of dry shampoo mattifies the hair meaning it won't sit so flat on your head. For an extra boost, flip your hair upside down before spraying. Focus on the roots, but finish with an all-over spray on the rest of your locks. Instant volume!

3. Makes for easy back-combing
Dry shampoo will hold back-combed hair without the stiffness of regular hairspray. A couple of spritzes before the hair is pinned in place is all that's needed.

4. Gives bobby pins better grip
If your bobby pins always slide out of place leaving flyaway hairs everywhere, give them a quick spray of dry shampoo before inserting them to increase grip and hold.

5. Adds texture for updos
Second-day hair is best for updos, but if your hair is freshly washed, a few sprays of dry shampoo will do the job nicely!