Five simple tips to help you find the perfect bra

As women, we all know the struggle of finding the perfect bra, a well needed companion to support us and lift us up. Whatever your size, it is important to be familiar with what to look for when bra shopping.

1. Get fitted
Getting fitted for a bra in a shop with the help of an expert will give you an idea of your size so that you will be more confident to do it alone in future.

2. Try then buy
Would you spend forty euro on a dress without trying it on first? The same goes for bras. Shapes and sizes change from shop to shop so it is always a better idea to try then buy.

3. Don’t stress
Women can often stress out when they realise what their bra size is. Whether it's disappointment or pure horror, don’t panic.

4. The two finger rule
If you find yourself spilling out of the bra either at the cups or at the back, keep searching. Yes, bras should be fairly snug so that you should be able to fit only two fingers under the band, but bras that are too tight are just uncomfortable and not worth it. Equally, you don’t want it to be too loose either.

5. Buying a good quality bra now will save you money in the long run
Even though it may seem like a lot of money to spend on one bra, it will last aaages. Buying cheaper bras may seem like better value at the time but they get worn out more quickly due to everyday wear, and being washed. We all have that one bra we love, why not make it a good quality one?