Five replacements for your morning caffeine hit

Ah, caffeine. Truly the best friend of anyone who hates mornings.

Is there anything better than a steaming mug of coffee or milky tea to get the day started off on the right foot? Yes, it turns out. Although many of us rely on our morning cuppa to get us going, excess caffeine can actually work against you. High levels of caffeine can cause increased heart rate and stress, while the blood sugar crash later in the day will only make you more tired. Not ideal.

Here are some other energy-boosting options to try in the mornings:

1. Peppermint tea
Peppermint tea contains no caffeine – so it will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated without any jitters. This minty tea also aids digestion so it’s a great option if you’re feeling cramped, bloated or sluggish.

2. Ginger and honey tea
Ginger is a great immune-boosting ingredient and its zingy flavour will wake you up instantly. Honey will tone down the ginger’s strong flavour, making a nice sweet tea. Make your own by slicing some fresh ginger and placing it in a cup of hot water with a half-spoon of honey, or buy the pre-made teabags.

3. Smoothie
Smoothies are a great option if you have a little extra time in the morning. Using banana and yoghurt as a base, add citrus fruits and berries for an extra wake-me-up kick. Alternatively, go for a nutrient hit with a green smoothie containing superfoods like spinach and kale alongside fruits.

4. Green tea
This does contain caffeine but generally less than black tea, and far less than coffee. If you’re not a fan of the earthy taste, add some lemon juice or honey or try flavoured green tea. Green tea boosts your metabolic rate, which not only helps your body to kick off the day, but is also an advantage if you’re trying to lose weight.

5. Lemon and water
This might be a simple option but it will definitely give you that extra push to get going in the mornings. Simply pop a slice of lemon into some ice water, or for an extra zing, grate some lemon zest in there too.