Five reasons we want to be Morgan Freeman when we grow up


You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't respect, revere or just downright adore actor Morgan Freeman.

If we keep trying, we may be as cool, calm and collected as him one day, but until then we'll just remind ourselves why it's totes normal to want to be a 77-year-old male actor.

Here are just five reasons for channelling your inner Morgan

We want a voice as comforting as hot chocolate on a winter’s night, just like him.

We want people to say our voice sounds like the voice of God, just like they do about him.

We want people to create memes about how amazing we are, just like they do for him.

We want people to attribute touching, thought-provoking quotes to us whether we said them or not, just like he gets.

We want to star in critically-acclaimed Oscar-winning movies, just like he has.

Honestly, is it too much ask?