Five easy ways to brighten up your work from home space

With the country entering a third national lockdown, it seems the likelihood of us all returning to work any time soon is looking pretty bleak.

Long gone are the days of hour long morning commutes, sitting in rush-hour traffic while listening to the monotony of drive-time radio. It seems like a lifetime ago when we used to saunter into the office with our takeaway coffees in hand, catching up with colleagues in between meetings.  

Those days are now but a distant memory, replaced by this new working from home regime which we’ve reluctantly become accustomed to. If you’ve been putting off the idea of creating a functional and comfortable working from home space which both encourages productivity and brings you joy, then now’s the time to do something about it.

That’s why we’ve created this list of simple ways to help you brighten up your working from home space this year.

  1. Sit near a window

If you’re not already working in front of a window then we highly recommend it. We know just how hard it is to find the time to get outside everyday (especially these days), and get some fresh air. However, by moving your home office space in front of or near a window then at least you’re spending your work day looking at the great outdoors, which can help you feel less confined and part of the outside world, even just a little bit.

  1. Grow a plant

We know not everyone has a green thumb and that’s okay. Start small if you want, and invest in a succulent or two. By bringing another living being into the office, which you actually have to pay attention to from time to time, it can really help the whole working from home situation feel a little less lonely.

  1. Time to declutter

If your working from home space is feeling a bit messy and dysfunctional, then we truly recommend setting aside an afternoon or an evening and clearing it all out. After all, a clean and simple work space will really help to clear your mind and make sure you’re not spending your work days fretting over how unorganised everything is.

  1. Get an inspirational calendar

Since we’ve only just entered the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to purchase a new calendar to hang right by your home office space. And since we’re all about promoting positive energy in the workplace, why not opt for a lovely calendar full of inspirational quotes or illustrations? Luckily, etsy is full of some truly stunning calendar designs sold by some pretty talented sellers, like this one.

  1. Add a personal touch

When we were working away from home, we would try to integrate some personal touches into  our real life work spaces. Whether it be a photo reminding us of fun times with friends or family, or even bringing in our favourite mug from home to help improve those 11am breaks. That’s one of the benefits of working from home — being able to integrate as many personal touches as we like.