Finally, survey proves women work harder than men

We were all aware that us ladies worked harder than men but a new survey conducted by Pharmaton finally proves this!

According to the survey of 100 participants, women expend 15% more energy than men on an average week.

This is probably because, as the survey shows, more and more Irish employees are regularly working from home outside of office hours.

Unfortunately, all this extra work means less time to do the things we love like exercising and hanging out with family and friends.

Just under half of the respondents admitted to feeling totally stretched and would like to indulge in some well-deserved time to themselves. And while family and work responsibilities top the agenda for both Irish male and female professionals, keeping fit emerged as the number one priority for those in need of more ‘me time’.

All this work and lack of exercise is certainly going to have an effect on our health and energy levels. So, to ensure us ladies have the stamina to keep up with hectic schedules, Pharmaton Active Life caplets are packed with ginseng, vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B6 and B12, iron and calcium.

The easy to swallow caplets can help gradually build and sustain energy levels, helping girls feel at their best whilst supporting a busy life.