Final trailer released for The Crown Season 6: Part 2

The final trailer for the sixth season of The Crown has been released. 

The Crown Season 6: Part 2 will be the final chapter in Peter Morgan’s award-winning drama about the royal family. 

Streaming on December 14, these final episodes will focus on life after the tragic death of Princess Diana. 

During the trailer, the public’s distaste for the monarchy is noted as surveys reveal the majority of the public believe the royal family are ‘out of touch, wasteful of money and lacking compassion’.

The rise of Tony Blair’s popularity is evident while tensions between Charles and William are shown when The Prince of Wales admitted, “I’m afraid we don’t do fathers and sons very well in this family”, as his young son walks away from him. 

Camilla can later be seen on the phone with Charles as she tells him, “The boys need you now more than ever”.

The snippet also shows Prince William as he heads to St Andrew’s University and tries to readjust to life without his mum. With even more public attention on him and Harry than ever before, the young monarch is clearly struggling with his new-found royal duties.

Viewers can see a first look at Kate Middleton, played by Meg Bellamy, as she walks in a student fashion show and locks eyes with William before they share a kiss as their romance blossoms.

While the Queen questions the future of the monarchy as she is preparing for her Golden Jubilee, Phillips tells her, “When fate summons, even monarchs must obey”. Princess Margret's ill-health is later depicted in the trailer as she is in a hospital bed. 

The remaining six episodes of The Crown will air on Netflix on December 14, a month after Part 1 premiered on the streaming platform back in November. 

Watch the full trailer below: