Spoof comedy 51 Shades of Maggie is a theatre hit


Picture Fifty Shades of Grey reimagined to take place in a North Dublin dole office, with a central character named Maggie Muff, and you get a good idea of how funny the latest comedy to hit Irish theatre is.

Based on a spoof blog inspired by E.L. James’ best-selling erotic series, 51 Shades of Maggie tells the story of the unlucky-in-love Maggie, who is convinced she has found “the one” in the form of Mr. Big after a chance meeting in the dole office where he works.

But while Maggie couldn’t be more “delira” to have bagged herself a man, things turn sour when she is introduced to his “private room of pain”.

While its course language and vulgar sexual references have raised eyebrows as well as rapturous laughter from its audience, it is actress Emma Barry’s hilarious portrayal of Maggie’s complicated love life that has thrilled theatre-goers.

Speaking to Shemazing! Emma puts the show’s success down to its brash honesty and sheer hilarity: “It’s vulgar but the humour takes the vulgarity out of it….I’ve had people in the audience who are laughing so hard, I’ve thought they were going to collapse.”

But while we can all have a giggle at Maggie’s commentary on Mr Big’s penchant for S&M, Emma admits that the show’s popularity can also be attributed to how it pushes the boundaries regarding how women talk about sex.

“If a man was doing this show, people wouldn’t blink an eye,” says Emma. “Women do talk about sex. Like, it’s not the 1800s anymore! Maybe they don’t use the same language as Maggie, but they do go on about it the same way as she does in the show.”

Sounds like a very interesting show!

51 Shades of Maggie runs in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre from 7th – 11th October.