Fern Britton ‘won’t watch herself’ on Celebrity Big Brother

Fern Britton has revealed she’s ‘not going to’ watch episodes of herself during her time in Celebrity Big Brother

The former This Morning presenter ended up in fifth place in this year’s series after The Ibiza Weekender star David Pott was crowned the overall winner. 

Reflecting back on her time in the reality show, Fern has admitted that she hasn’t watched any episodes with herself in them yet and isn’t planning on ever doing so for fear of ‘embarrassing’ herself.

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While appearing on This Morning earlier today with Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard, Fern shared details of why she hasn’t seen clips of herself in the Big Brother house. 

After Cat and Ben play a snippet of an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Fern admits, “I haven’t seen any of that so it’s quite interesting”.

She’s then asked by Ben if she’s seen any part of her appearance in the show, to which Fern replied, “No, I’m not going to. Not for a long time, even if then, really”.

When pressed further about why she doesn’t want to watch her part in the series back, Britton explained, “Well I don’t want to embarrass myself and sit on the sofa feeling ghastly on my own”.

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“And I don’t want to delve deep into anything…”, she begins, shuddering, before cutting herself off and adding, “I just don’t want to”.

After Deeley asks Fern about her ‘feud’ with Strictly Come Dancing star Nikita Kuzmin in the house, Fern said, “Nikita is charming, absolutely handsome, gorgeous”.

“Something happened there, we didn’t get each other and I accidentally said – I don't even quite know what I said – but he thought it was something to get at him. It really wasn’t”.

Fern continued on to say, “Everyone’s heightened”, before adding, “It was a difficult one”.


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Earlier this week, Nikita also addressed the feud with Fern, explaining that he was ‘confused’ when tension between them rose. 

“I was, in that moment, confused, perplexed, bamboozled, everything at the same time. I was really confused on what we were talking about, what we were referring to, but the most important thing was we cleared it up in the end”.

Kuzmin continued, “We probably misunderstood each other and I'm always really sorry if I offend anyone in any way. I never have bad intentions with anybody”.