Feel inspired by these three perfect celebrity eyebrows


If your eyes are the windows to your soul than it is vital you have a pretty good brow to frame them. Eyebrows help to define your face and show off your personality so it is important you get your plucking right.

Here are three celebs we think have the best brows – although we’re pretty sure they had a bit of help.

Beyonce’s oval eyebrows are sculptured yet still maintain their thickness. They perfectly frame her face and balance out her thick hair.

Cara Delevingne
You can’t talk about eyebrows without mentioning Cara’s. Her eyebrows are as big as her personality and have gone some way in helping to springboard her to fame.  Not everyone can pull off a heavy, bushy brow but this model does it with style.

Sarah Jessica Parker
SJP’s straight eyebrows perfectly compliment her face. The former Sex and The City star never has them too overdone and their flatness help to give the illusion of width.