Fans exclaim as Nicola Coughlan unveils trailer for series ‘Big Mood’

Fans of Nicola Coughlan have been reacting to her latest project!

While Bridgerton viewers continue to wait patiently for season three to begin on May 16, the Irish actress is set to make her return to comedy later this week, with her new series Big Mood.

The comedy series will see Nicola star as main character Maggie, alongside It’s A Sin actress Lydia West as Maggie's best friend Eddie.

Ahead of its official launch on Channel 4 tomorrow night, fans have been treated to a full-length trailer for Big Mood, which can be viewed here:

In its official logline for the six-part series, Channel 4 teases: “Big Mood is a vivacious and rebellious portrayal of female friendship when infiltrated by the complexities of a serious mental illness.”

The comedy will see Maggie and Eddie, who have been friends for 10 years, “question whether this friendship is really in their best interests.” Big Mood aims to tackle everything from nostalgia and friendship, to love and struggling careers, all within the background of Maggie’s bipolar diagnosis.

Writing about the upcoming series on her Instagram page, Derry Girls alum Nicola exclaimed: “Oh my heart I’m so excited BIG MOOD FULL LENGTH TRAILER IS HERE.”

Following the release of the highly-anticipated trailer, many viewers have been expressing their excitement for Big Mood on Instagram.

“When I tell you….my mind, body and soul is ready…BIG MOOD,” one follower exclaimed.

“I stan Maggie and Eddie already. They’re gonna make me laugh and cry judging by my reaction to the trailer,” another commented.

“Omg this is absolutely EPIC! I’m so excited for this!” a third fan replied.

Thankfully, fans don’t have to wait long before they can tune into Big Mood! The first two episodes of the fresh comedy are due to air on Channel 4 tomorrow night (March 28), beginning at 10pm.