Fancy a laugh everyday? Head to these places


Travelling helps to broaden the mind, experience new cultures and meet new people. It’s not all serious and educational though – these places will give you a right good giggle every time you pass their town name…

Boring, Oregon
Apparently, Boring’s slogan is ‘The most exciting place to live.’ Eh, really?

Yolo County, California
Why not head to Yolo, sure You Only Live Once.

Dildo, Canada
Imagine the conversation with your boss, ‘So, where are you from?’ ‘Dildo’
*Cue awkward silence…*

Shades of Death Road Road, New Jersey
Apparently, a lot of accidents happen on this road – maybe we’ll do a detour around this road.

Emo, Co. Laois
Whoever said Laois wasn’t an emotional place to visit had obviously never been to this town.

Lake Disappointment, Australia
Oh dear! Maybe we’ll give this one a miss, it sounds like we’ll just be disappointed…

Sandy Balls, Hampshire
Yes, you did read that right.