Fans lash out at Kylie after meet and greet with Kendall


Kylie Jenner was trending on Twitter yesterday – but for all the wrong reasons!

Following an appearance at a public event, Kylie was slammed by fans who called her “rude” and a “right b*tch!”

The reality TV star and her sister Kendall were promoting their latest PacSun clothing range in Dallas, Texas but fans were not impressed with her attitude.

One Twitter user wrote, ”Yessss! They were so pretty! Kylie was kinda rude but Kendall was super nice. You couldn’t take pictures though :(“

Another wrote, ”Kendall was nice! But Kylie didn’t say anything. she made eye contact with me twice and just starred at me like I felt offended tbh but I don’t know(sic).”

One fan said she was “heartbroken” after Kylie snubbed her.

“Kendall smiled at me, but Kylie looked me up and down and sneered! Heartbroken!” she said.

Another tweeted that Kylie seemed like a “right b*tch!”

OK, but maybe she was just having a bad day guys!