Experts claim that green tea isn’t as effective as we once thought


Many people believe that green tea is a miracle worker. It speeds up your metabolism. It clears up your skin. It lowers your blood pressure. It reduces the risk of heart disease. And it even improves ones’ memory.

However, experts believe that the herbal tea isn’t as magical as we may think. Speaking to PopSugar, Dr Josh Axe stated that people need to realise that drinking the tea alone isn’t enough.

The best-selling author said, 'Research suggests that a combination of lifestyle components account for the health benefits observed in people that drink tea.'

Basically,  drinking one cup of green tea isn’t going to miraculously clear your skin. You need to practice a good skincare routine and drink plenty of water too.

Dr Axe suggested that the public should focus on their overall diet. Life would be great if we could eat as much pizza and chocolate as we wanted, but, as we know, balance is key.

One of the main reasons people drink green tea is to lose weight.

However, Dr Axe stated that you need to do more than drink the herbal tea to shed pounds, 'For weight loss, you may need to rely on the conventional methods of a healthy diet and exercise.'

You need to eat apples and kale, as well as well as cupcakes and salted caramel chocolate bars (unfortunately.)

Green tea may have some great health benefits, but Dr Axe urged  the public to think of the negative sides: 'Green tea extracts should not be taken by patients suffering from renal failure, liver disease, heart conditions, or major cardiovascular problems without supervision from a doctor.'

'Pregnant women and breastfeeding mums should drink no more than one or two cups per day, as some research shows that more caffeine than this amount may interfere with normal heart rhythms,' he advised.

We may still partake in a cup or two.