Expert advice: How to make your make-up stay on for longer


In the hope of finding out how to keep our make-up on for even just a little bit longer, we spoke to Danielle Murphy, one of Ireland’s leading makeup artists. She’s done it all: weddings, TV shows, fashion shows, music videos, and she’s taught other people to be make-up artists too. So, we can think of no better woman to answer our questions! Check out all the expert tips below!

Which type of foundation do you think stays on for longer, mineral or liquid?
I personally feel that liquid foundations have better longevity and coverage. I do understand the appeal of mineral foundation but in my experience they look great on someone with flawless skin -particularly younger women. On a more mature skin I find them a bit too powdery. If a brand were to prove me wrong however, I would be delighted to try a new one out!

Does primer really make a difference?
Yes primer can really make a difference especially if you are someone with quite oily skin and open pores. It almost acts as a barrier between your skin and the foundation, stopping it absorbing into the natural oils in your skin. It can also be great if someone has a lot of redness. My favourites are the Laura Mercier primer and the Make Up Forever HD primer.

How can we get our lipstick to stay on for longer, does it help to apply it with a brush?
Yes, using a brush definitely helps, as does lining the lips first, and even drawing a little of the liner across the centre of the lips. Apply a layer of lipstick with a brush, blot with a tissue and then apply another layer.

The more matte the lipstick is the better it will last but they can also be drying so make sure your lips are perfectly plump and flake free firstly by gentle exfoliation and regular application of lip balm. One of my favourites is Blistex for a few euro in most pharmacies.

What about sprays that claim to set your make-up, are they worth the money?
These are a product I would use rarely but I have done from time to time. I actually know lots of women who spray hairspray on their face after an application and swear by it. This I have never tried but perhaps I might just do. The product I have used and find it quite effective is Make Up Forever Mist & Fix.

Which foundation is best for oily skin, and which for dry?
I am currently using The Lancome Teint Idole 24Hr for oily skin and I find it fantastic. Any of my brides with oilier skin have loved the results but I would recommend buffing it on with a stippling brush otherwise it can look too heavy.

For Dry Skin Armani Luminous silk is always a favourite – and for a real treat and especially for mature skin Creme de La Mer The Treatment foundation is fabulous!

Just one more thing…
It is vital to powder foundation after application or it really will evaporate. Even if you have dry skin a small amount of loose powder down the centre of the face (forehead, nose, chin) will see you getting much longer out of your make up.

Check our Danielle's website to find out more about her!