Excuse us?! 50 Cent arrested for SWEARING during a music festival


While most of us are easy breezy about the fact that rapping and swear words generally go hand-in-hand, it looks like some places have no intention of accepting it as poor ol' 50 Cent recently found out.

On Saturday night following a performance on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, the rapper, who rose to fame in the early noughties, was arrested for…wait for it…swearing.

Having agreed to simply host the festival, the rapper was then encouraged to perform, and that's when, according to the star's representative, the F-bombs were officially dropped.

And it turns out officials in St. Kitts were far from impressed with the rapper's potty mouth, and charged him with the misdemeanour offence which prohibits the use of profane words in public places.

According to Sky News, the In Da Club rapper and his entourage were detained for using 'indecent language' during the St. Kitts Music Festival, and were promptly fined before returning to the US the following day where we've no doubt Fiddy swore 'til he was blue in the face.

Know your audience next time, Mr. Jackson!

Feature image: Getty/ Dimitrious Kambouris