Ex-TOWIE star has had enough of yo-yo diets and has a plan for 2015

We spend Christmas eating our body weight in chocolate and January trying to lose it, and just like the rest of us, former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger is looking at 2015 as the year to finally beat the bulge.

The reality star has been struggling with her weight for years and after trying a number of diets, she has revealed that she is going to give up alcohol to give her the best chance at reaching her desired weight.

According to Closer, a source said: "Lauren has found it hard to stick to a strict diet and exercise regime lately. She's vowed that she can't let another year slip by without getting back into shape. Lauren  knows that too much alcohol just causes her to put on weight and is even considering attending bootcamp to finally rid herself of the weight. "

Apparently the 28-year-old is also looking towards hypnotherapy, something that she has tried previously, to shed those stubborn pounds. "She'll do what it takes to get back into shape in 2015."

While we think the reality star looks gorgeous, giving up the booze is definitely the best way to a healthier new year.