Essential to get you through the typical Irish autumn


As if you ever need to justify a shopping trip, the dark nights and cold weather are certainly up there with the top excuses. But before you traipse into the shops, armed with your wallet and comfy shoes you might want to write a list of what you actually need – if you’re anything like us, you will going in looking for a pair of socks and come out with anything but socks.

Here are the essentials to take you right through to the spring and beyond:

1. An umbrella
An absolute essential when you live in Ireland! Skip the plain looking cheap ones and go for one with a bit of a personality. We absolutely love this one from Dunnes Stores – admit it we all love dancing in the rain!

2. A scarf
Not only does it keep you warm, it jazzes up a plain black dress and gives your winter wardrobe a much-needed colour boost. This one from H&M stylishly uses pretty autumn colours.

3. Furry headband
Even if you’re not hitting the slopes this year, a faux fur headband is definitely one for your winter wardrobe. This gorgeous black one from Oasis will keep your ears snugly without giving you hat hair – impressive.

4. Fedora hat
We admit this won’t be much good when it is blowing a gale outside but how pretty would it look with a cape, skinny and knee high boots. There is no doubt about it, this navy blue one from Topshop will have you strutting the streets like Kendall Jenner.


5. Leather gloves
Right, so our budget won’t stretch to full leather gloves but these black ones with a trim from River Island will do just fine. How sophisticated will we look catching the bus to college!