Eight thoughts every stress eater has on a daily basis!

Stress eating is probably THE most counter-productive activity there is, but we still do it. Got a tight deadline to meet? The only answer is to inhale three bars of Galaxy in a row, surely. Have a giant to-do list to finish by the end of the day? Well, if anything can help it's a family-sized bag of Doritos.

Us stress eaters are a special bunch. When we're panicked or overwhelmed, that bar of Dairy Milk looks approximately 150 times more appealing than it did half an hour ago. Heck, even if there's nothing tasty in our vicinity, we'll eat something, just for the sake of it.

Here are just eight thoughts that run through every stress eater's head at least once a day….

1. "So much work to do. SOOO MUCH WORK… God I'm hungry."
Cue a bolt into the kitchen for supplies.

2. "Why is there no good food here?"
Who ate all the funsize Mars Bars? Oh, yes. It was me. I hate me right now.

3. "There must be something in this godforsaken cupboard… There has to be."
*Begins frantic search for anything containing sugar*

4. "Ooooh. Stale HobNobs. Perfection."
My body is a temple.

5. "I'll just have one… No, six. I'll just have six."

6. "Why am I still eating?"
This stopped being enjoyable around five HobNobs ago.

7. "Okay, back to the grindstone."
I'm gonna be so, so productive. Promise.

8. "Aaaagh. I forgot about all the work I have left. SO STRESSED."
Food would help this…