Eight things you’ll learn when you two move in together!

Moving in together as a couple is a massive step and it takes a fair amount of adjustment and compromise to get it right. Even if you've both lived out of home before, this is a whole new ball game.

While you might have held back with other roommates, moving in with someone you love is always going to lead to a few arguments. You're in love with him – and yet his refusal to take the bins out ENRAGES you. It's never easy!

Here are a few things you two are bound to learn when you shack up together…

1. Personal space is a thing of the past
Bye, bye boundaries.

2. Peeing with the door open becomes the norm
Well, how else would he know you're in there?

3. It is now impossible to ever leave the couch
TV, cushions, tea and cuddles. Could there be anything cosier?

4. That first joint grocery shop is TENSE (and very expensive)
"You actually plan on eating 8 frozen pizzas this week? ARE YOU MAD?"

5. You can't go to sleep angry
Not because all the experts say you shouldn't, but because it's impossible to lie next to another angry person without one of you re-starting the argument.

6. You will have your worst rows over the silliest things
"You've been sitting on the remote control this entire time? Get OUT of my sight."

7. "Clean" has very different meanings for you both
Soaking that saucepan for three days does not mean you don't actually have to wash it, buddy.

8. When your other half isn't there, you miss them more than you could have ever thought possible
Where's my Thunder Buddy?