Eight things we all do but would NEVER own up to!


Sometimes after a hard day, all you want to do is sit for five hours Facebook creeping, or binge-watching Embarrassing Bodies, or eating an entire box of Coco Pops in one sitting, or…

Whatever your guilty pleasure, you can rest assured you're DEFINITELY not the only one who does it.

Here are just a few of the things we all do when alone but would never admit to…

1. Reading through your Facebook/Twitter timeline to see how it would look to a stranger
"That album of backpacking photos makes me appear so worldly and aloof. WIN."


2. Polishing off two packets of Chocolate HobNobs in one sitting…
While in bed, with Netflix on, in a onesie.


3. Doing full-on sexy dancing in front of your mirror
Beyoncé has NOTHING on this.


4. Having imaginary arguments or conversations with yourself
It's good practise for the real thing!


5. Conversing with your dog as if he/she is a human
"This is Rex. He's good people."


6. Getting a freakish amount of joy from popping a spot or removing an ingrown hair


7. Looking at yourself in the mirror while crying.
So much angst right now.


8. Taking 42 selfies for each one you actually post to Instagram
A girl's gotta show off her best self.