Eight things guys do that REALLY annoy us!


Men and women are not the same creatures – it’s just a fact of life. And while we do get on in many, many ways, there are just some things that we see no sense in. At all.

We bet you know a man who’s guilty of a few of these!

1. Sharing his farts like they’re beautiful gifts
Guys seem to be conditioned to think that a fart is some kind of achievement. Wow, your body has released some gas and it’s super-stinky. We don’t need any more information, thanks. No need to waft it our way!

2. Not texting back when it’s REALLY important
It takes 20 seconds to write a reply! Even worse when we send a carefully crafted emoji message and he doesn’t text back. Has he no care for our art?!

3. Not committing to anything. Ever.
Ok, we get that he’s not ready for a long-term relationship right now. Grand! But when we ask what film he wanst to see tonight, there are other answers aside from “Don’t mind.”  

4. Doing disappearing acts
After a few weeks of “seeing eachother,” things seem to be going well – but all of a sudden the texts and meetings stop. Just like that. If he wants to end things, he should be brave enough to say it!

5. Assuming every bad mood is a sign of PMS
“No, it’s not hormones. You’re just really annoying me right now.”

6. Not returning the favour in bed
Enough said on this one!

7. Comparing us to his ex
We don’t just mean her good qualities, either. We shouldn’t have to defend ourselves just because his ex did something crappy and we’ve somehow reminded him of it with our own actions. Not fair!

8. Never noticing our new hairdo
It’s PLATINUM BLONDE for God’s sake!