Eight feelings we had while talking about #TheDress


The internet went into serious meltdown over the last 12 hours, and it was all down to one innocent picture of a dress, and the question, "what colour is it?"

Everyone from Taylor Swift to Ellen DeGeneres has weighed in on the Blue and Black/White and Gold argument, and all in all it's been an EXTREMELY stressful morning.

We've questioned ourselves, we've questioned our friends, we've questioned the very FABRIC (geddit?) of our society.

Here are just a few of the feelings we've struggled through today…

1. Confusion
When we first saw the picture before consulting anyone else, we were all, "Why are you asking me this redundant question?" It's clearly blue and black.


2. Annoyance
WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP MENTIONING GOLD? The dress is blue and black, people.


3. Smugness
See, even Taylor Swift says the dress is blue and black. Back to your seats, everyone.


4. Anxiety
Why do precisely 90% of my friends/co-workers/family members disagree? Have I gone colourblind? Taylor Swift too?


5. Extreme curiosity
Cue frantic checking and re-checking of Twitter to see what everyone else is saying.


6. Exhaustion
Will we ever solve this issue? This pressing issue? THIS WORLDLY PROBLEM?


7. Self-doubt
Maybe I'm just going crazy. It's clearly white and gold. I was wrong. I'll see myself out.


8. Relief
Okay, I'm definitely NOT the only one who thinks it's blue. This survey says lots of people agree. That's good enough for me. *collapses on floor*