Eight facts all long-term couples know to be true!


If you're in a long-term relationship, there are a few coping techniques you've definitely learned by now.

How to answer the "how did you two meet?" question, for example – you both launch into a well-rehearsed spiel that you've repeated so many times you could say it in your sleep.

Here are just a few other things all long-term couples have no doubt learned by now…

1. A cuddle on the couch is a gazillion times more romantic than any swanky restaurant
Date night means a great DVD, a takeaway, a good bottle of wine and some serious snuggling. Getting dressed up when we don't have to? Not a chance.


2. Falling asleep in each other's arms is so lovely… for around five minutes
One of you will inevitably get your arm trapped or start to suddenly get boiling hot… it's always the way. 


3. The "so when are you two getting married?" question never ceases to be irritating
So much so that you're tempted to make up ridiculous answers. "Oh, tomorrow actually. Didn't we invite you? Soz."


4. The world of Tinder and online dating is equal amounts compelling and terrifying
"It wasn't like that in MY day." (i.e. four years ago).


5. You two have so many in-jokes that it's basically a secret language
No-one else can even attempt to join in.


6. One of you will ALWAYS get more drunk than the other on a night out
You might as well just both apologise in advance.


7. You call each other by nicknames so much that using your real names sounds weird
"Siobhán? Why are you calling me that? Are you angry?"


8. Whatever happens, it's so important to celebrate the little things
Five years since he added you on Facebook… high five!