Eek! Awkward radio interview sees Cameron hanging up


Well, this is awkward! Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal did a radio interview for Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show to promote their new movie, Sex Tape, and it didn’t go so well…

It all began to go downhill after host, Kyle, mentioned Drew Barrymore’s dark past, with Cam firing back at him, saying: “I’m sure you’ve never been through a drug phase Kyle have you or alcoholism?”

He then made it all ten time worse by mentioning Cameron’s new boyfriend, Benji. Needless to say, Cameron drew the line there and a short time later said they had to finish up.

Jackie O was quick to blame her co-host for the awkward interview, saying: “You ruined that interview, sorry to be blunt. You brought up Drew Barrymore, her best friend’s drug addiction in the past. And then you brought up Benji and we all know how protective Cameron is about her private life. So the two things that probably would get her off-side, you went there.”

Eek, maybe next time, eh?!