Ed Sheeran just let us all in on a BIG secret about Harry Styles


A very "big" secret, indeed! 

Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles have always been good pals, but we didn't know how good, until now.

During the Australia/New Zealand leg of his current world tour, Ed sat down with online station ZM Online to reveal a few home truths about the One Direction star.

When asked jokingly in a fan tweet if his song Little Things was about the One Direction lads', ahem, "little things," Ed burst out laughing and proceeded to reassure listeners that the 1D guys had nothing to worry about in the size department – in fact they all seem to be very proud of the size of their "things"!

Referencing a nude picture of Harry that appeared online last year, which at the time was thought to be a leaked image from an anonymous source, Ed revealed something very telling.

"Did you know Harry leaked that picture himself? He leaked his own picture…I think that's amazing," Ed said. "He was just like ‘no one knows, so I'm just gonna tell them.'"

To make things crystal clear, the singer finished by saying, "He [Harry] definitely hasn't got a little thing, so no, I did not write Little Things about [his] little things."

Thanks for clearing that up Ed!