Ed Sheeran handles fake rumour in the best way EVER


Ah Ed, how we love you…

The singer has had one hell of week in the US; from performing at the Grammy Awards and singing a duet with Queen Bey to going for dinner with the superstar and her rapper husband, Jay-Z.

However, it hasn’t all been rosy as newspapers began to circulate a story stating that Lady Gaga had mistaken him for a waiter. The rumour began when a fake Ed Sheeran account tweeted about the embarrassing incident.

The real Ed wasn’t too impressed by the rumour and tweeted: “Newspapers are writing stories based on tweets from a fake parody account, that’s what it’s come to.”

Lady Gaga also blasted the story on Twitter, writing: “Silly stories about me & @edsheeran! Of course I know who this gem is! THERE ARE NO WAITERS AT THE GRAMMYS PEOPLE.”

The pair then posed for a selfie together where Ed showed his funny side and took it all in his stride, writing: “Just bumped into gaga and she’s fetching me a drink. God bless the press.”


Just bumped into gaga she's fetching me a drink. God bless the press

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That’s all well and good you guys, but can you duet already? Thanks!