Eat cake and still lose weight

Even though Marie Antoinette never actually said, “Let them eat cake” it hasn’t stopped her name being used for the latest fad diet.

Dieters will be ecstatic to hear that they can lose weight by eating cake in the morning.

The diet, which was discovered by Parisian-based writer Karen Wheeler, claims that by eating dessert in the morning you won’t crave sweets later on in the day.

Wheeler’s book The Marie Antoinette Diet: Eat Cake and Still Lose Weight doesn’t just talk about when you should eat, but also what you should eat.

Karen says:  “The more I looked into the Queen’s diet, the more I became convinced that it held the key to the so-called ‘French paradox’” (the age old question of how French people can eat so much fatty food but still avoid heart disease).

The book explains that the wife of Louis XVI ate her meals in a roundabout way: she had dessert for breakfast, fish and veggies at lunch and soup for dinner.

The author claims to have lost a stone and a half in ten weeks which is pretty impressive although a healthy balanced diet and exercise still tops any fad.