Easy food swaps to make clean eating simple

The prospect of eating healthy can be daunting for some people – the thought of cutting out your favourite foods just isn’t appealing.

However, instead of cutting out anything, why not just ‘clean it up’ so to speak?

Here are some simple ways you can cut unhealthy fats and sugars from your favourite snacks and meals:

Rather than having a full-on cheesy, doughy piece of heaven (we understand), grab a wrap, spread on some tomato sauce, your toppings of choice, a small bit of low fat cheese and grill. Cut into ‘pizza’ slices and you won’t feel so left out!

Tuna sandwich
You can easily upgrade your lunch time staple for a cleaner, leaner version. Instead of mixing the tuna with mayonnaise, stir in some low-fat natural yoghurt. A little goes a long way and we promise you won’t notice the difference!

Pesto pasta
Oil and cheese does not a healthy pesto sauce make. So, if you skip those and simply blend rocket, basil, garlic and walnuts you’ll instantly have a tasty pesto sauce that is that little bit better for you.

Spaghetti Bolognese
Veggies are so full of goodness that we ALWAYS need more of. By halving the mince in your Bolognese with lots of grated carrot and courgette, you’ll add to your five-a-day and cut down on fat.