Easy breezy! Our tips to help with excessive underarm sweat!

Sweat is a totally natural bodily process, but we do admit it can be more than a bit annoying. It’s one thing to sweat heavily while you’re out for a jog or in the middle of a hot yoga class, but it’s quite another to be “glowing” excessively during a job interview or a first date.

Whether you want to reduce your levels of underarm sweat or keep those wet patches hidden, here are some of our tips to keep you cool, calm and collected!

1. Choose your clothes wisely
Synthetic fabrics and clingly clothes are far more likely to get you sweating. Choose lightweight cotton fabrics that are relatively loose around the underarm area. Dark colours also hide sweat well so they’re a wise choice too if you want to keep embarrassment at bay!

2. Make the most of your deodorant
High-power deodorants can take a while to start working as their active ingredients have to work their way into the sweat duct. Many deodorants are more effective if applied the night before rather than first thing in the morning.

3. Avoid spicy foods
Curry spices, as well as onions and garlic, can all increases levels of sweating. Avoid that spicy vindaloo the night before your next job interview and go for something that’s a little less taxing on your system!

4. Arm your underarms!
If sweating is something you’d rather not worry about at all, why not try an absorbency pad? MONDSS Underarm Wear is an Irish-designed product that’s a really discreet solution to underarm sweating. The pads adhere easily to your skin and prevent perspiration from soaking through onto your clothes. At only €9.99 for a pack of ten, they're great value too. Order them online at www.mondss.com!