EastEnders team make big announcement about show’s future

Having kept viewers on the edge of their seats wondering who killed Lucy Beale in recent weeks, the EastEnders team have now decided to shake up their casting.

The show's producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins, who believes the long-running BBC soap has the power to 'change the world', announced yesterday that he intends to introduce the show's first transgender character.

Speaking at a news event yesterday, Dominic said: "I would want to cast a trans actor too. The pen hasn’t hit the paper yet. I am looking for actors and I need the right character."

Admitting he was concerned about the sensitivity of the issue, Dominic went on to say: "We have to be very, very careful about what we say. With EastEnders you’re preaching to a lot of people who don’t want to hear about LGBT issues."

In fairness, Corrie introduced much-loved character Hayley Cropper in the late 90s, so it seems the Cockney soap has a bit of catching up to do!