Dressing down: How to master the ‘casualising’ trend


It can be hard to know how much is too much when it comes to getting dolled up. If you find you feel self-conscious when wearing more formal items like heels and full skirts during the day, then you’ll love the new ‘casualising’ trend.

The word was actually coined by Jennifer Lawrence in an interview way back in 2011, when she admitted she “normally find[s] a way to ‘casualise’ anything too showy,” but fashion bloggers and celebrities have really embraced the trend recently.

Solange Knowles used a cute sweater and long jacket at New York Fashion Week to add some fun to her monochrome skirt and heels.

Check out Olivia Palermo looking classy in a fringed skirt, toned down with a sporty bomber-style jacket.

By introducing a more dressed-down accessory or piece of clothing to your outfit, you’ll avoid looking too prim and proper in that gorgeous dress or skirt.

Here’s some tips for relaxing your look:

1. Wear a loose sweater or long blazer over tailored pieces

Adding something more free-flowing can relax an otherwise formal look, making you feel more comfortable in stiff-looking skirts and trousers.

2. Inject some fun to your outfit with a statement tee

A great way to dress down a pencil skirt or a fuller skirt is to wear something brighter and more relaxed on top. Try a bright t-shirt or tank top to modernise your look.

3. Mix textures

Combining chunky-knits or embellished pieces with sheer and simple fabrics can add an element of creativity, while still keeping your outfit formal enough for work.

4. Add some colour to your all-black look

When going formal, especially at work, it can be easy to become over-dependent on blacks, greys and other muted tones. Bold colours and neons are all over the high street this season, so pick up a few more adventurous pieces to add some playfulness to your wardrobe.

5. Pair your dress with a comfy shirt

One-piece items like dresses can be hard to change up, but a soft flannel shirt does the job brilliantly. Wear it over the dress or just tie it around your waist for a look that’s perfect for weekends.