Drama for Kylie and Tyga as their holiday comes to a violent end


Kylie Jenner and her rapper boyfriend Tyga have been enjoying a working holiday in Europe over the last few days, but their trip came to a nasty end last night when a disagreement in a Swiss club got out of hand.

After leaving Cannes yesterday, where Kylie, Tyga, her mum Kris Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian had been making a sponsored appearance for Mail Online, the pair flew onward to Switzerland for a short visit.

Tyga was due to make an appearance at Envogue club in the Swiss city of Geneva, last night, but TMZ is reporting that the club owners were far from happy with his performance.

The rapper reportedly showed up hours late with Kylie and his entourage, and played for just ten minutes rather than the hour he was scheduled in for.

When the star couple attempted to leave the club shortly after 4am with their bodyguards, the club owner quickly followed after them. Their disagreement soon escalated into violence, with one of the owner's "posse" pulling a gun on Tyga as he ran for his car.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident and the couple escaped without harm, but that didn't stop Tyga from taking to social media this afternoon to set the record straight. "My Switzerland fans know whenever I show up I perform. I appreciate everybody that came out yesterday," he began.

"Sum Club owners just think they own u just Kuz they pay u to come to they lil club for a hr…I ain't nobody slave. Don't harrass me and my people when we tryna chill n shit," he added.

He then hit back at those who tried to "tarnish" his brand by asking too much of him.

There's been no word from Kylie yet, but we reckon she'll be staying away from Swiss nightclubs for a while…