Double-win! Conor McGregor confirms he is to become a DAD!


What a night for Conor McGregor! Not only did the Irish UFC star win his hotly-anticipated fight with Eddie Alvarez, but he also shared some wonderful news: he’s going to be a dad!

Yep, in his victory speech at Madison Square Gardens last night, Conor took the opportunity to make a very personal and very special announcement.

“I’ve a few announcements. One announcement is that I’m going to be a daddy early next year,” he revealed.

The mixed martial arts fighter went on to add: “I’m crapping my jocks, I’m not going to lie. I don’t even know what way to take it. It’s going to mess with my head because I don’t want to bring a child into anything like this.”

Conor, whose long-term love Dee Devlin has been a constant support during his early days and rise to fame, insisted: “I’m going to have this baby, take a little time, and see what way I feel after that.”

After a spot of confusion, he then went on to reveal that Dee’s due date is in May.

We’re wishing them all the luck in the world!