“Don’t give me your pity”: Rory McIlroy’s ex opens up

Rory McIlroy might have dumped her just months before their wedding date, but tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki has moved on – and she doesn't need our sympathy. 

The sports star was left reeling when Northern Irish golfer Rory made the shock decision to call the wedding off, and says it took her a while to come to terms with the loss. 

"It feels like someone close to you has died," she said of the split in an interview with The Independent. "In my head I had everything until that moment. I had a great career, I was getting married, I had a perfect family. Everything was great. There was really nothing going against me. I was happy, very happy. Then all of a sudden something happens that you don’t expect."

Despite her heartbreak, Caroline says she learnt a lot about herself after the break-up. "I think I didn’t know how strong I was until that happened. And I didn’t know how much you can actually take… You have to go through all of that. I think that taught me so much. I think I grew up so much in that short amount of time."

Rory was quick to move on from the split, and was spotted out and about with Northern Irish model Sasha Gale just weeks later. 

Caroline instead decided to throw herself into her career – though she did make a few sly digs at Rory along the way, like this epic Instagram burn shortly after the split where she revealed she hadn't worn high heels in three years to avoid towering over poor Rory:

Love it!

Although she has not yet found another serious love interest, Caroline says she is taking things as they come. "I know what I want, I know what I can accept, what I can’t accept, what I need, what I don’t need. I think those are all things that I can bring with me in the future. And if I meet another guy who I think is great, then I also know what I can expect from myself and from him."

What a brilliant attitude to have!