Dolores proves most popular judge on Ireland’s The Voice


The new addition to The Voice is proving a great success all round. Dolores is already emerging as the most sought after and most entertaining judge to take up a red seat on the show so far.

When all four judges turned last night for John Hogan Jr., a Wicklow native living in Galway, it seemed Kian, Bressie and Jamelia knew they didn’t stand a chance as Dolores had turned also.

John’s song, written by himself was described as a polite version of a rap song and it really impressed Dolores it would seem; “I’m very proud to come back and see this talent in my country.”

Dolores also came out on top when Ciara Donnelly chose Bressie over Kian and Jamelia but also added; “I had it in my mind who I was going to go for when I came in and she (Dolores) didn’t turn around so I’m going to go for Bressie”.

RTE The Voice have even released a hilarious video called ‘Doloresisms’ which you can watch here. G’wan Dolores!