Dogs Trust details alarming rise in dogs getting sick from chocolate


Dogs Trust has issued a stern warning over the number of dogs ingesting chocolate, as a huge rise in incidents has been reported.

Although it is a widely known fact that dogs can become seriously ill from eating chocolate, Dogs Trust has noted that there was a concerning increase in the number of chocolate toxicity incidents last Easter.

Ahead of this Easter weekend, the charity has released new statistics on the issue. In the report, it has been noted that 22% of dogs in Ireland have eaten chocolate in the last five years, despite owners knowing that it can potentially kill their furry friend.

Meanwhile, the Pet Emergency Hospital in Dublin revealed there was a 213% increase in chocolate incidents over the Easter period last year, with almost one in six dogs needing intensive care.

However, owners should be aware that chocolate is not the only Easter-themed item that should be of concern.

Dogs Trust has also warned that hot-cross buns can cause illness through ingesting raisins, while daffodils have potent and toxic elements.

In their recent report, Dogs Trust discovered that 46% of dog owners were not aware of the dangers of daffodils towards dogs, including the water that daffodils are kept in.

Speaking about the overall concerns regarding dogs during the Easter season, Dogs Trust vet Niamh Curran-Kelly explained why the issue should become important for families across the country.

“Now is a good time to remind children that their Easter chocolate is just for them and it’s not to be shared with furry friends,” she detailed..

“With dogs’ keen sense of smell and curious nature, it’s important that we keep an extra close eye on them when these tasty, yet toxic treats are around. Please store chocolate well out of reach and preferably in a dog-proof container with a lid,” she added.

If you suspect that your dog has eaten chocolate, you should contact your nearest vet immediately, as quick action should help to reduce the risk of your furry friend needing intensive care.