Does 106 minutes of sex sound like the perfect day to you?

Psychologists are always trying to figure out how to optimise happiness, which is why in 2004, Nobel-Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues examined a single day in the life of 909 women employed in Texas.

Ten years later, two economists returned to the information they’d gathered to figure out the best way to create the perfect day – i.e one that optimises our 16 waking hours for the greatest well-being.

Here is what they found to be the best way of dividing up your time:

  • Intimate relations: 106 minutes
  • Socialising: 82 minutes
  • Relaxing: 78 minutes
  • Eating: 75 minutes
  • Pray/meditation: 73 minutes
  • Exercising: 68 minutes
  • On the phone: 57 minutes
  • Shopping: 56 minutes
  • Watching TV: 55 minutes
  • Preparing food: 50 minutes
  • Computer: 48 minutes
  • Housework: 47 minutes
  • Childcare: 46 minutes
  • Napping: 46 minutes
  • Working: 46 minutes
  • Commuting: 33 minutes

Well would you look of that! A hell of a lot of ‘intimate relations’ contribute to a very good day, who could have guessed? Socialising, relaxing, eating, exercising, shopping, chatting and watching TV are also up there. Work, on the other hand, should only last for 36 minutes if you want to have a really good day. That’s fine by us!