Do you know if you have an iron deficiency?

Iron is important mineral in your body as it carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body, but would you know if you needed an iron boost?

You’re constantly tired
Feeling tired all the time no matter how early you go to bed? This is a sign that your body is craving iron. Iron helps oxygen flow to your tissues and an iron deficiency will leave you feeling fatigued and tired.

Heavy periods
Heavy periods can bring on iron deficiency as your body loses too much blood. If they are extremely heavy, talk o your GP.

Out of breath
Can’t make it up the stairs without gasping for air? It could be a sign that your oxygen levels are low due to a lack of ion in your body.

If you have a lack of iron in your body, your brain will get less oxygen resulting in you getting pounding headaches.

Iron supplements are readily available but always talk to your doctor or healthcare professional before taking them.