Do people in same-sex relationships keep more secrets?


University of Tennessee psychologist, Beth Easterling was so intrigued about the idea of “secret-keeping” in relationships, that she decided to team up with her colleagues from East Carolina University and found out some very interesting information as a result.

According to Easterling’s study, people in same-sex relationships are more inclined to keep secrets from their partner. This stems from the likelihood that they spent many years keeping their sexual orientation a secret, so they may have a tendency to keep things from their partner even if they are in a happy relationship.

She also found that the top reasons people keep secrets in relationships are:

  • To avoid hurting their partner or damaging the relationship
  • To avoid disapproval from their partner
  • They may be ashamed of something and fear their partner losing faith in them

Interesting stuff… we can’t help but wonder, what kind of secrets do you keep from your partner?