DiGiorno Pizza face backlash after offensive domestic violence tweet

Ah social media, it can be your best friend one minute, and your worst enemy the next – a lesson learnt all too well by whoever was manning the DiGiorno Pizza Twitter account the other night.

The #whyistayed hashtag has been trending on Twitter since a video of American NFL player Ray Rice assaulting his wife was leaked. People have been using the hashtag to raise awareness and understanding for domestic violence victims, for example:

DiGiorno Pizza, on the other hand, thought this was an opportunity for a HI-larious pizza themed tweet, and posted this:

Cue: the realisation of what the hashtag is actually about, profuse apologies late into the night, tweet deleted, and many more apologies.

We do feel sorry for whoever sent that tweet – we doubt they meant to cause such offense! And while most people forgave the company for their honest mistake, this was not the case for everyone….

Yikes! It takes more than an apology to calm this guy!