Did Kim Kardashian sleep with rapper The Game?


It’s no secret that Kim K is a bit promiscuous – let’s face it, that’s how she became a household name in the first place.

But, when a good friend of her fiancé Kanye West claims he slept with the 33-year-old beauty, we can’t help but be a little thrown.

According to reports over the weekend, The Game has boasted about sleeping with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star in an early demo for Ray J’s song I Hit It First.

He refers to the fiancée of West at least twice in the song and at some point he even says he will show people how to really ‘drive that ghost,’ which is reference to one of Kim’s cars.

When The Game was asked whether or not they dated, he responded with “A little bit. A long time ago.”

“Adult wrestling or adult cuddles?” the interviewer persisted.

“You know what it was. We went to McDonalds twice. Pulled up in a drive thru,” answered The Game – very classy Kim.

We don’t think Kanye’s going to take this very well.